Donor Program

This program is meant for patients who cannot produce their own viable and good quality eggs and sperms. We offer the donor egg/sperm program where strict HEFA/ASRM guidelines and quality control criteria are adopted.

Semen Cryopreservation:

We will routinely have a backup semen sample frozen for couples who are undergoing treatment in case of inability to give a sample on the day of IUI, IVF or Micromanipulation. Men undergoing orchiectomy, cancer treatment prior to radiation and chemotherapy to freeze their sperm so that we have an adequate number of sperm at the time of ICSI. We will also routinely cryopreserve testicular and epididymal sperm, so that repeated attempts, at obtaining fresh epididymal and testicular sperm are avoided.

Donor Egg Program:

We plan to have a program for egg donation for women with premature ovarian failure, surgical or induced menopause and those in the premenopausal group. Some women with the repeated poor recruitment of follicles at the time of IVF, women with extensive endometriosis, severe pelvic adhesions and inaccessible ovaries also qualify for this programme.