Decoding Infertility

What is infertility & How do I know I am affected by it?

In couples who have no known fertility problems and are trying to get Pregnant only 15-20% will conceive in any given Menstrual Cycle. About 70% of these couples will successfully achieve a Pregnancy after trying for six months. At one year, the percentage increases to about 85% .

Age of a woman is the single most important factor in assessing whether a couple will be successful in their efforts to have a baby. As a woman gets older, She experiences a decline in egg quality and in the number of eggs she has. An additional 7% of couples will conceive in the second year. As a result, infertility has come to be defined as the inability to conceive within 12 months.

If you encounter any difficulty even after trying to conceive for a span of 12 months, there are high chances you might be suffering from infertility. We generally recommend you to seek the help of our reproductive experts at Adhitiri.