Genetic Counselling

In a Genetic Counselling Session, We study the Medical, Psychological, Social and Reproductive History of the Aspiring Parent and their families. We detect their odds of having a Child with a Genetic or Congenital errors. We update them to make informed decisions their pregnancy and other treatment options.

Who should consider Genetic Counselling?

If you have a

  • A family history of a Chromosomal or Inherited Conditions.
  • A history of Multiple Miscarriages.
  • A family history of diseases which are more common in certain ethnic groups (such as Sickle Cell Disease).
  • An abnormal screening report from routine tests during pregnancy or if the prenatal screening indicates an increased risk of birth defects and complications.
  • If the Percentage of Occurrence of Conditions such as Down’s syndrome in the family or if mother-to-be is 35 years of age or more.


At Adhitri, Our Clinical Geneticist plays an integral role in offering patients Genetic Counselling. They work with our other specialists, assess the patients who are at risk: to detect, educate and support prospective parents about genetic conditions. They give families scientific information and counsel them on treatment choices or preventative mechanisms. Thereby enabling them to make informed decisions. Apart from diagnosis they also interpret positive genetic reports to the parents. They also educate families about birth defects & genetic conditions and offer emotional support to them.